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Quiet Time Resources

 I try to have a quiet time every morning, where, once I have a cup of tea in hand 😏, I sit down with my bible, a note book and a daily devotions book.  I have a few versions of the bible but at the moment my favourite one is my ESV (English Standard Version) study bible.  I love the study notes.  They help me understand my bible better, and also make me more desirous to know more, if that makes sense.  Sometimes the notes don't explain a section fully so I have found I start to seek other resources to make my understanding more rounded.  

I also love to write down the verses that stand out to me on any given day.  Maybe expand on them a little with notes of my own understanding.  There is an app (there is always an app for "that"😀) called Bible Hub where I can get numerous commentaries on just about any verse.  It is on all the various app stores.  Here is a link to their website.  I love the resources they have on there.  The bible in many versions, commentaries, sermons, devotions, etc.  A very very helpful tool.

Another helpful tool is a great devotional.  It is important to select a devotional written by an author you trust, and whose theology you know a little bit about.  There are lots of devotionals out there that are very "me" focused.  Your devotional needs to be very "God" focused.  Its all about Him, not me.  

My favourite devo authors at the moment are: 
  • AW Tozer, he pulls no punches
  • Martyn Lloyd-Jones, says it like it is
  • Charles Spurgeon, says it like it is
  • John Piper, he also has a devotional app called Solid Joys, brilliant! 
  • Paul David Tripp
Image for the Solid Joys App

Currently I am Reading "Walking with God Day by Day" by Martyn Lloyd-Jones AFTER I have read my bible.  Bible first ALWAYS!

Another great tool for a good quiet time is a note book.  Write down the scriptures that stand out, write out your prayers and concerns.  Write out what you are grateful for.  Write out the statements in your devo that truly grips you.  A note book is a great way to re-enforce what you are learning daily in God's word!  

So, great tools for quiet time:
  • A great bible version, preferably with study notes
  • A good solid devotional
  • A notebook
  • Time to pray
  • Lots of good devotional and bible apps out there to expand your bible knowledge
  • Cuppa Tea ☕

Now, for another cuppa
God bless


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