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Don't let it happen!

I think the thing that has frustrated me the most over the past year and a bit, is how what is going on in the world is causing us to turn on one another!  It is why I have deleted my social media on and off!  It is why I have had moments of anxiety where before I had none!  It is why I find "lock-down mentality" comforting.  If I don't need to engage with people then I can stay relatively calm and unaffected!  Right?  No, very wrong! How can we be of any use to Jesus if we hide out in our homes?  How can I relate to people in such a way that they feel seen, heard, understood, if we don't make the effort to break loose from this "thing" that has been foisted on us? Truth be told I enjoyed lockdown.  I'm a homebody and I enjoyed not having the responsibility of going anywhere.  But, it is a responsibility !  Relating to people is required of us as Christians.  I have allowed this time to lock myself down too much.   Now that we have more freedom of movem

Are you Losing Hope in this Weird Time we're Living in?

 I have been waking up despondent, feeling hopeless, easily depressed by the constant negativity about what is going on in our world at the moment.  In a recent quiet time I called out to the Lord, "Lord, what do I respond to these naysayers?  How do I respond to the constant focus of those around me on how everything is driven by the 'One World Order'?  How do I remind them that even if that is so, You are in control regardless?  How do I retain my joy in these dark times?" Well, firstly, a reality check.  Right now, for me, my life is not bad at all.  I am blessed.  I am truly grateful for everything I have and hope that I never take any of it for granted.  Today, I have food on the table, a family who loves me, good clothes, etc.  I am reminded of Matt 6 vs 34 that says, "Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."   Today everything in my life is good and I have everyt

What Type of Christian am I?

 Over the last year or so, I have been discovering a whole host of other pastors, teachers, of the Word.  They are not those well known, much quoted, very "with it" preachers.  Truth be told, over the last few years I have become very aggravated at being "entertained" in church, or a hyped up service or podcast delivery.  It just feels so.... shallow? Now, I am not going to criticize anyone here.  There are many TV preachers who helped me hold my life together back in the day.  But I am so hungry for deeper stuff.  For understanding the Word, not just reading it, and maybe have another person's opinion of what that Word means, thrust upon me.  I want to KNOW what it means, I want the KNOW the Word way better than I do, so that I will not be led astray.  So that I will not be fooled.  So that I will not be hoodwinked.   There are so many out there who are just a little off-centre.  And if you are honest with yourself, you will acknowledge that off-centre, however

Quiet Time Resources

 I try to have a quiet time every morning, where, once I have a cup of tea in hand 😏, I sit down with my bible, a note book and a daily devotions book.  I have a few versions of the bible but at the moment my favourite one is my ESV (English Standard Version) study bible.  I love the study notes.  They help me understand my bible better, and also make me more desirous to know more, if that makes sense.  Sometimes the notes don't explain a section fully so I have found I start to seek other resources to make my understanding more rounded.   I also love to write down the verses that stand out to me on any given day.  Maybe expand on them a little with notes of my own understanding.  There is an app (there is always an app for "that"😀) called Bible Hub where I can get numerous commentaries on just about any verse.  It is on all the various app stores.   Here  is a link to their website.  I love the resources they have on there.  The bible in many versions, commentaries, s